Stay tuned

Snippets of present work

Always trying to get that match between lyric and sound.

I Need You To Trust Me

Being trusted takes guts.  When you’re an artist or someone on a mission, you need understanding and zen.  An artist’s way does require him/her to be a little selfish at times, though.  Right?

This Ain't Love

Well, if it ends, then it ain't love.  Is it?

Brown Ivy

Woman, what did I do to make you ghost me?  Well, I know.  I know.  You were a ghost sent to inspire me to write this PULSATING track, "BROWN IVY."

All Alone

We parted ways and I thought that's what I wanted.  Did I?

Feelin' Me

Yo, when I get a chance, I'm gonna re do this video to match the story of the song, about a woman who meets a man after dealing with a dog, and she quickly puts him in the same category.  Are all men dogs?  And who gave dogs such a bad name?

Single Mom

Because a single mom's gotta have fun!!!

Leaving This life

I always wondered what made some of us decide to stay in this existence and fight everyday to keep living life, whereas some choose to move on.  Suicide ain't no joke.

No H8te

One of my most raw and fun tracks every, "No H8te."  House music at it's finest.